The Bishop Area Chamber of Commerce & VisitorS Bureau

“Small Town with a Big Backyard”

Our Mission Statement – “We promote business, tourism and responsible recreation to benefit our community.”

The Bishop Chamber of Commerce & Information Center mission statement directs us to create and sustain viable businesses and environmental quality to produce a better community.  We work for a better community for all who reside and visit here. We exist to maintain this area’s economic vitality so people will invest their resources here to create livelihoods and employ others.  The successful operation of business in any community creates benefits for all residents.  This fundamental goal provides jobs and produces wealth to finance governmental, civic, cultural and charitable needs our community engages with every day. We undertake diverse actions to accomplish this goal of promoting the region to enhance tourism and care for our outdoor environment.

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Bishop Area Chamber of Commerce has over 300 business and individual members and growing each day.
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Employment Opportunities

The Bishop area has a wide range of employment opportunities. There are many Chamber member businesses, county and nationwide resources that can assist with job openings and candidates including Sierra Employment Services, Inyo County,  and LinkedIn.

Media Partners

The Bishop area has a wide range of media, radio, print and tv partners. We’d like to highlight these amazing Chamber Members that do so much for our communities. 


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