Forge Memories With These Eastern Sierra Summer Camps for Kids

As the school year comes to an end, summer offers your children the freedom to explore their interests. While freedom is good, why not give them something to look forward to this season? Enroll them in one of the many summer camps for kids taking place in the Eastern Sierra. They’ll forge new friendships, boost their confidence, and most importantly, return home with cherished memories. And while they’re enjoying themselves, seize the day by indulging in some “me” time by exploring Bishop and its expansive outdoor playground.

Bishop Parks & Recreation

All summer, Bishop offers a colorful array of options for both indoor and outdoor fun. Choose from a variety of camps, each highlighting exciting activities like water sports, exploring Bishop’s big backyard, or the opportunity of combining science and art in the Crafty Explorers Camp. For a comprehensive list of summer camps catering to all ages, interests, and abilities, as well as registration details, visit the Bishop Park & Rec website.

Sierra Adventure Summer Camp

Step away from electronics, cell phones, and video games, and immerse your children in a five-day overnight camp designed to foster self-reliance and personal growth. Throughout the week, they’ll engage in a diverse array of activities, including hiking, archery, swimming, and even spending a night under the stars. Geared towards middle schoolers, this camp offers a transformative journey towards independence and self-discovery. By actively cultivating a culture of kindness, cooperation, and support, the impact of this experience becomes clear by the closing ceremony.

Eastern Sierra Scramblers

Bishop is the perfect place to introduce children to the thrilling world of bouldering and rock climbing. So why not guarantee their first experience is positive? Enroll them in the Eastern Sierra Scramblers summer camp. This five-day course, designed for kids ages 5-12, provides a safe environment where they can enjoy the activity surrounded by their peers, making it both fun and engaging.

Eastern Sierra Youth Program

The mountains offer endless opportunities for fun. But they can also present challenges. Equip your teenagers with the skills they need to both enjoy and safely navigate the great outdoors. In this course, they’ll learn a range of essential skills, including what to pack for a hike, how to use rock climbing gear, map reading and navigation basics, campsite selection and tent setup, water purification, backcountry cooking, and sanitation. Geared towards ages 13 to 18, this program selects 26 participants. They need to apply here to secure a spot.

Sierra STEM Summer Camps

If you’re looking to instill in your child an appreciation that science is all around them in nature and cultivate a special bond with the flora and fauna of the Sierra Nevada region, these summer camps are the perfect choice. The four Sierra STEM camps offer distinct experiences. From delving into how the brain functions in both humans and animals to uncovering the landscape’s rich history while mastering backpacking skills. Geared towards children aged 6 to 14, these camps provide a fun and educational way to explore the area’s unique ecology.

Outdoor Science Education Program

Another camp to consider if your children have a passion for science and enjoy outdoor adventures is the week-long Outdoor Science Education Program courses. These programs take place at the research center nestled between the Great Basin Desert and the pine forests of the High Sierra and are managed by UC Santa Barbara. Led by experienced outdoor educators, these courses cater to students in grades 1-8, covering a diverse range of topics spanning from science and art to natural history.