Plenty Of Sunshine And Adventures Await

This big winter may have slowed the reawakening of nature, especially in the higher elevations. But the warm sunshine and symphony of songbirds are in full effect within Owens Valley. Wildflowers are blooming

Plan B Here Is Better Than Plan A Anywhere

Bishop’s backyard isn’t just big, it’s HUGE. We might sound like a broken record, but the heavy snowfall we received this winter is sticking around, especially in the higher elevations. Instead of trying to force yourself to only one activity, it’s a good idea to have a few options in mind. As of late May, the bloom has been especially huge in the Owens Valley and has begun to creep up near the base of the mountains. This is also a good time to explore the backyard via your vehicle on one of our backroad tours or even seeing the “weird side” of California on a road trip. Take a glimpse into the history of the region by visiting the Laws Railroad Museum. Or remove your daily stresses by enjoying a dip in the Keough Hot Springs.

Check Ahead

From high alpine lakes still covered in snow to certain backcountry roads being washed out, the surrounding wilderness is just that – wild. We can’t stress this next point enough. Check the road conditions before heading out on your day’s adventure. Or better yet, stop by the Visitor Center to get the latest scoop on what’s open and what’s not. In addition, the snowmelt has been swelling all the creeks, streams, and rivers above their banks so give them a bit more room than normal to stay safe this summer.

Independence Day

Enjoy a little slice of small-town Americana pie and celebrate the Fourth of July in Bishop. Throughout the long weekend you’ll find activities that everyone in your family will enjoy. There are pancake breakfasts, parades, free fishing, free swimming, train rides, a running race, baseball, volleyball, bocce, free watermelon, pie & ice cream, and of course fireworks – lots of fireworks! And while it’s only June, don’t forget to start planning for the Millpond Music Festival. After three decades, it’s not just another great music festival but a tradition. Located in the Millpond Park just north of Bishop, you’ll discover as eclectic a lineup of bands, singers, and performers as the scenery in the Eastern Sierra. Tickets are on sale now!