Chamber of Commerce & Information Center Staff Members

April Leeson – Membership and Events Coordinator
Joe Pollini – Guest Host Supervisor
Jennifer Rinaldi – Guest Host
Tawni Thomson – Executive Director
Joyce Walker – Guest Host
Anna Willey – Guest Host

Sarah Freundt

Tawni Thomson

Tawni is the Executive Director


Sarah Freundt

Joe Pollini, Guest Host Supervisor

Joe is the Information Center Host Supervisor.

“In the last two weeks, I have called Bishop Chamber of Commerce twice for info about the upcoming fall color season. The first time, I called after hours and left a message on voicemail. I was surprised when Joe called me back the very next day. The second time, I got Joe on my first attempt. In both cases he provided what I needed to know and sent me resources that provided exactly the information I needed. Very friendly and helpful! If you’ve never been to Bishop in autumn, you’re missing out! The town is cool and fun and the surrounding mountains and aspen groves are colorful and beautiful beyond description.”

“My husband and I wandered into this pleasant little spot.  We were greeted at the door by Joe.  An older gentleman who gave us an incredible amount of guidance for touring the area.  These weren’t just some tips you thank someone for and go on your way.  These tips were winners!  Joe is humble and kind and won’t disappoint if you are serious about geology and any other topics.   We’d come back just to visit Joe!”


April Leeson

April Leeson, Membership & Events Coordinator

April organizes all the Chamber of Commerce events.

“Needed assistance and the staff was very knowledgeable. Thank you for your time and it was almost closing time and I was not rushed. She even came out to point the directions.”



Joyce Walker, Guest Host 

Joyce is an information center host.

“After a couple days of hiking in the Bishop area, I finally had a ” rest ” day to call the Visitor’s Center to see if they were open and see if they had any additional hiking info that I needed.

Joyce answered my phone call immediately and was so nice and welcoming telling me to come on in Re: free info, as well as, additional hiking maps and books for a fee.

I walked into the visitor’s center and both Joyce and Joe greeted me right away!  :0) I received a ton of hiking information from Joe and he patiently explained and circled areas in my complimentary brochures and maps for me to hike around and explore.

Thank You so much to Joyce and Joe! This Bishop area is truly a Hiker’s Paradise and I can’t wait to hike here a couple more days and return again next year much earlier for Autumn Foliage and more hiking! “



Ann Willey, Visitor Host 

Anna is an incredible information center host.

“They were very friendly and helpful.  It’s a good place to get local maps and guidance and to get answers to your questions about where to go and what to do around Bishop.”


Jennifer Rinaldi, Guest Host 

Jennifer Rinaldi is a super organizer in the information center.